The purpose of the SAFE (Support Alcohol Free Environments) Homes network is to create a directory of parents who share core beliefs concerning the prevention of teenage drug and alcohol use.  The network encourages communication between parents to increase the safety of our teens.

Participation is voluntary.  By signing the pledge, you agree to do your best to uphold the points of the pledge to help keep our youth safe, supervised, and drug/alcohol free.  Parents who sign the pledge will be entered in our Safe Homes directory which will be accessible on the Manhasset CASA website.  When your child asks to go to a friend’s home, you will be able to look for the friend’s name and see if the parents have signed the pledge to do their best to keep youth safe while he or she is visiting their home.  Please know the pledge is NOT a legally binding document; it is a set of guidelines to help prevent and reduce underage drinking and drug use in our community.

  • The use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs by underage youth will not be permitted or condoned while in our home or on our property.
  • I agree to provide active supervision at all gatherings of underage youth in my home or on my property. In the event I am unable to supervise a gathering, I will not permit my children to host a gathering at my home.
  • I encourage communication from other parents who observe my child using alcohol or drugs.

Join the SAFE Homes network.

Safe Homes

Bernstone, Rob & Caryn Sawyer

Brunetti, Maria & Mike

Cole, Elizabeth & Ed

Craven, Erika & Jason

DeLeeuw, Marc & Christine Monterosso

DeSena, Jennifer & Ralph

Ginsburg, Zari & Ira

Grygiel, Lisa & Sean

Hastava, Michael & Christine

Hill, Amy & Gary

Hyland, Collen & Tom

Kiley, Nancy & Jim

Kline, Elise & Steve

Kolyer, Andrea & Steve

Kuester, Kim & Terry

Limb, Sylvia & Lawrence

Lunetta, Andrew

Maley, Donna & Matthew

Malysa, Susan & John

Melkonian, Aimee & Ryan

Miller, Beth & Mike

Motroni, Betty & Mark

Mulholland, Josh & Debbie

O’Connor, Lisa & Christopher (Aidan)

O’Connor, Christine & Kevin (Matthew)

Paganucci, Nancy & John

Petracca, Gene

Puma, Richard & Lucy Choy

Rowan, Lori & Tom

Ryan, Kristen & Mike

Rubin, Adam & Laura Dilimetin

Selby, Michelle & Tim

Stein, Rosa & Gary

Schwenk, Andrew & Gila

Tracy, Kate & Patrick

Weber, Trish & Bob